Learning Bahasa

Hi, I am Ibu Tasya and I am on a journey of teaching my girls Bahasa Indonesia. I am learning Indonesian through a local Education Foundation, but I have found it really difficult to source resources or programs to help my girls to learn Bahasa. I hope the resources I create may be a blessing to you and your students.

Hi Ibu Tasya, I teach Indonesia to R-7 in Australia and have purchased some of your products and love them. I have looked online for other Indonesian resources to use in the classroom but they are not common or even of a good quality. Please keep making them, I will certainly be buying from you regularly. I would love a product on the days and months of the year if possible. Thank you. –The Kaleidoscope Class

Please keep making them…

I just purchased several of your resources. I think they are fantastic – especially for someone like me who is pretty useless making high quality worksheets and posters.

Jillian. R