Kamu bermain olahruga apa?

The first of my Olympics sets focuses on the target structure of “Kamu bermain olahruga apa? ” For my kids the only new word in that structure is olahruga so we should be able to have fun with the sports.

First we will look at the sports on the first set of cards and as I say the word we will make up an action for it. Most of them will be easy and hopefully a little funny, and every time we do the action I say the word, as many times as I can before attention wanes. We then play simon says, I call out the word they do the action, after practicing a few times, those that do the wrong action are out.

We then do a little story. To start they will each get a set of the 3 part cards, they cut them apart and colour until we are ready to start the story. The kids stack their cards on their desk upside down. It doesnt really matter as long as they can choose a random card.

We went to the Olympics and…  Firstly… (The kids turn over their first card).  I ask “Siapa bermain....(one of the card options).” The kids who have turned over that card come up the front and do the action for the sport while I am repeating “Kami bermain bola basket“.

To extend it I would chose one kids to come first, another second and third. And then hand out pretend medals (or them the 3 part card) and introduce gold, silver and bronze. These kids sit and I chose another sport. The kids who had turned over that card come out while I use lots of repetitions for that sport, and the ones doing the best actions get first, second and third.

We go through all the sports, or all the kids. If they are still engaged have the kids choose another card and do another ‘story’.

The kids can then use their moveable background and figures, as well as the cards to choose a person, then flip over a card. Say in Indonesian “He plays basketball and he came first. Got gold.” Choose second and third and then flip another card for the next sport.

For an extended talk scene a dice can be used and rolled on the sheet. The student then needs to say “Dia bermain olahruga… (What ever sport it is). Dia kedua… (If you rolled a two, right up to 6th).” Taking turns rolling the dice with your partner. Getting as many reps for the sport and the ordinal number. They can play to see which person gets the most Gold, Silver or Bronzes (rolling a 1,2 or 3 on the dice).

If your kids are up for writing they can compose a little story about “Kami pergi ke Olympiade dan….” Chosing their friends name, a sport, and which place and medal they recieved (punya).

Thats how we do it around here, but I am not a TPR purist or Tprs trained. It is based on the Gpa, 6 phase method that uses CI, TPR and storytelling in the first 3 phases, but adapted by me to be used with kids. I have been studying full time for the past year and a half, learning Indonesian with this method, and now I am teaching my kids. I am not an expert, I just love making open ended resources to help my kids learn Indonesian, that can also be used in a variety of teaching situations.

This resources are avaliabke for purchase at my tpt store here. 

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