IMG_2548I completed a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Melbourne University, love creating curriculum resources and helping children discover and learn.

My husband and I live in a remote part of Indonesia so I will be homeschooling our two girls for the most part, as well as two more. A very tiny F-2 class!

This blog will follow my journey to teaching in a remote place and the journey of my girls learning Indonesian. I am developing child friendly resources that will be used by the local language school that my husband will be working at. They teach English, Indonesian and local languages using the Growing Participators Approach (GPA) or 6 phase that was developed by Greg Thomson. I love creating resources so I hope that others will want to use them too!

Being Australian and knowing the new Australian Curriculum it will line up with and complement the new Australian National Curriculum. I am being taught Indonesian myself by native speakers through GPA or ‘6 phase’ that used elements of Total Physical Response, Comprehensible Input, Story building, Shared story, and Story telling that focuses on the sociocultural nature of language learning.

I want my girls to learn on a fun interactive way like I have, so I will be working with our language tutor to develop a process similar to the way I was taught, but focusing on the strengths and needs of primary aged children.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I try to develop a way to do GPA or ‘6 Phase’ with children.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Peta says:

    HI ibu taysa.I love your work on TpT and hope you continue to create more. I have only just started learning Indonesian (2 months) but it looks like im going to be teaching it at school next year, so Im relying heavily on your creations to help me through!!
    My brother and his wife live in a remote part of Indonesia too. Where are you?


    • Tasya says:

      I love creating things! With a lack of Indonesian teachers I think your situation is all too common! I hope they help heaps. My mum is an Indonesian High school teacher and LOTE coordinator in Victoria so I have help knowing what high school teachers wish their up and coming primary student knew! With my older units (currently in the works) she has given them the ultimate thumbs up wanting to try them with her 7’s and 8’s.
      We are just off the coast of South Eastern Suluwesi. My husband in teaching at a local Educational foundation. Where about is your brother?
      I’ve been learning full time for 2 years and I dont feel like I can speak very well! Have you got a tutor?


      • Peta says:

        Hi Tasya. My brother and his wife live on Roti. I am learning online through Charles Darwin University and finding it v hard with working full time, kids, life etc! I never get time to study and I have no one to practice with. I’m so worried about next year, that’s why I was so stoked to see your gorgeous resources! I signed up to your blog but I haven’t had any notices. Not even that you had replied, I just looked myself. I’d love to hear more about the school where your husband is.


  2. Peta says:

    Halo Ibu Tasya. How is life going in your part of the world? I have been reading about TPRS and it seems to be very engaging for kids. I’m still hoping you will be making more resources on your TPT page?
    Peta 🙂


    • Tasya says:

      It has been busy here! A chest infection and moving house, as well as the busy time pre Ramadan has kept me away from my computer! It migth be a while until we have internet but am hoping that wont stop me. I have a fun calendar for you that I absolutly adore. i hope you love it too. I lost steam on associated activity sheets, but maybe I’ll post it soon, and add extra activities to join it later. I have so many half done activities! Life just took over. I am finally better and feeling settled in the new house, I unpacked the computer just now, so hopefully not too long now!
      I love tprs for the year 4 onwards age group, but I think the younger ones are capable of memorising heaps of fun vocab to set them on their way. I know it is done in the younger grades but my littlest love this way of learning. Then when they come to making stories they have a much bigger vocab to tell great stories with. Which part of Australia are you teaching in?


  3. Peta says:

    Selamat pagi Ibu Tasya. I hope you’re feeling ok. I’ve been searching where to find PD for TPRS in WA. I can’t find anything!
    I wish I could come and watch you in your little home classroom!
    You said you moved house. Are you still in the same area?
    Peta 🙂


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