Ini Siapa?

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This is a classroom resource packet for including Comprehensible Input and Total Physical Response activities in the F-6 Primary (K-6 Elementary) classroom.

These resources can be used with the whole class, small groups, in a centre, as early finisher activities or one-on-one to check for understanding.

These resources are for the teaching of Bahasa Indonesia as a second language.

It incorporates the new National Australian Curriculum standards for Indonesian.

Key vocabulary covered: ibu, bapak, bayi, perempuan, laki-laki, nenek, kakek, teman, adik, kakak, paman, tante.
Other words introduced include: saya, kamu, kami, dia, mereka, kita, kapala, lutut, kaki, tangan, tubuh, mata, telinga, mulut, hidung, rambut, muka


A picture dictionary style word list – for students to trace new vocabulary and connect with the associated picture for meaning. This reduces the reliance on direct translation and allows the child to see how the word is spelt without worrying about incorrect spelling etc. Each set of 6 new words is printed on half and A4 sheet so students can build up their own picture dictionary of words they have learnt in class.
(A4 Colour version for teacher or group/class copy/poster and A5 BLM for student copies)

3 part word cards – in which the word can be cut from the picture creating a matching activity to practice new vocabulary, and if desired a second set can be used for students to self-correct. Great for learning new words, labeling items, quizzing, games, songs, showing understanding through responding without having to verbally respond and many activities. Print and laminate for a class set.
(Colour version for teacher or group/class copy and BLM for students own copies)

– Play scenes and moveable objects – print out a background page and make a set of characters for acting out your new words. Used with a friend they help practise asking and answering questions, and learning to put new vocabulary into meaningful sentences. Can be printed and laminated for the classroom, to be used by small groups or early finishers.
(Colour version for teacher or group/class copy and BLM for students own copies)

-Talk scenes – use these scenes to find and discuss your new words, describing what you see. They give a controlled environment that helps students focus on finding and using new vocab, as well as words they already know. Helpful for building fluency and assimilating new information into usable sentences and phrases. Can be used on the screen for a whole class discussion, or printed for small group instruction.

-Flipbook – A BLM activity for your students to create simple response or sentences using the new words. It is a fun way and non-threatening way for students to practice asking each other questions in the target language, and giving them some choice in their response. It also shows how the new words can be substituted for each other in a target language sentence.

-Review Sheets -Bingo sheet, label sheet, and two final review sheets that can be used for homework or assessment. Each sheet focuses on a group of 6 new vocab words.